Had a tent catastrophe today. Not completely unexpected, but a collision of bad timing. Seconds before I was unsnapping the cotter pins to bring it down before the sure to come wind caught me, it caught me. I held onto the leg as it ripped through my hands. I jumped after it and tried to catch it again as it stopped for a split second on the edge of the fence but another gust lifted it 15 feet into the air and it came crashing back down..sliding across the sidewalk towards a newer model suburban, only stopping due to another tree. Thank god all the numerous young families with kids under 5 tottering on bikes that I’d smiled at all day were out of the path of my airborne tent. Pure luck. Thank god it didn’t land on that truck. Thank god it didn’t knock my teeth out when I desperately tried to stop it.

My partners on either side faired equally and not so equally well. Bags and tins and boxes of the importer from France lay scattered, his tent resting in the bushes, safely away from said families. On my other side, baskets of bread lay scattered everywhere, turned over tables and white table clothes laying twisted on the concrete. His tent 10 feet up in a tree, wrapped around it like a tent burrito, had to be gingerly pulled down.  We all, shell shocked, stumbled around helping one another pickup things. A team of 3 strangers went to work on my tent trying to untwist the twisted metal and squeeze it back together into a less aerodynamic shape, another stranger, who once made me the best gyro I’ve ever had, wrangled it into the back of my borrowed truck.

I cried all the way home.

Sometimes it just feels like you are forcing things that aren’t supposed to happen. Sometimes it feels like everything is against you. Sometimes your heart swells with gratitude towards strangers and new friends for unquestioningly helping and ensuring one anothers well being. Sometimes you can’t figure out if you are lucky or unlucky. Sometimes it really doesn’t matter. “Well, what are you going do? That happened.”, he said, smiling, dusty baguettes under this arm.

Yeah. It did.

When the wind blows

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