I got a cookbook for Christmas. One that I remember on the shelves as a kid. It’s the same one. That happens in my family. Christmas is when you start getting stuff from around the house that other people don’t want any more. It’s ok. I’m thrilled. I so happen to like old stuff from around the house. But this gift coincided with my realization that I miss cooking. A lot. So I got busy.

Turns out that lady on the cover reading some bible passage is a vegan. So I gave Orange Molasses Cookies a shot. “Good flavor – soft” was exactly what I wanted.

Here they are..good flavor and soft indeed. UNTIL they cooled off then they turned hard as rocks. I mean seriously hard as rocks. So I put them in a jar to look at them on the counter at least, maybe believe the illusion that I haven’t totally forgotten how to bake. And I left them there for 1 week. And would you believe..they are soft with good flavor now? Is this one of the talents? Patience?


What are the 10 talents?

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