Just stumbled across this incredible site this morning. Someone (anonymous) came into a substantial amount of money and upon receiving it booked a flight to space immediately, ($400,000) then realized that perhaps this was not the best use of the money and decided instead to try and make a difference with it. So..this person is giving away $1000 at a time to people they come across in day to day life. They only ask that that money go towards good and to allow to have their photograph made. They then can report back what they did with that money. It’s really a beautiful project and this entry in particular was so lovely. Brought tears to my eyes.

This is Mario, the optician with seemingly no regrets in life, all those photos, those are of his late wife.  Mario gave the money to his daughter who runs a non-profit dog rescue in Italy, who in turn wrote a thank you to We Are Lucky describing where the money went. Clearly these two have found happiness and joy in live by loving, and giving forward.

So..as with everything in life..the butterfly effect is shown in this small story with how this single gesture has impacted so many. In this case, both humans and animals. Every story on the site is truly touching.

Really lovely. All of it.


We Are Lucky

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