This is the picture I took just a few minutes before. When I was marveling at the microcosm of life happening right before my eyes. Brilliant red springtime poppies petals open exposing all their bits for these bees to take from and sustain and create more life. The petal-less blooms standing quitely behind full pod filled with hundreds of seeds to create more life. I felt so lucky to see this and understand and try and apply it to my own part in this ever spinning world.

Then we turned the corner.

A shady spot, overgrown with weeds and optimistic tree shoots. Halle stopped in her tracks, rose her paw in a full point.

“Really? Where?”

I saw nothing.

Until I got down on my knees to her level and saw a tiny baby bird. Fresh out of the nest. Not quite ready to lift off apparently.

I considered a photo of this miraculous finding and pointing by my old girl. Decided instead to best leave it be and hope that its spot hidden from my eye, would be good enough to hide from cats eyes. I stood up and started to walk and ….she pounced. In a split second she had that little new life between her teeth, shaking, blood splattering the sandstone sidewalk.

“No!” I yelled. Capturing the attention of a neighbor. Middleaged gentleman in a logoed polo. Maybe he was a contractor, or a repairman.

She dropped the bird. It’s eye bulging, blood ringing it’s neck.

“Can I help you?, every thing ok?”

We examined the situation. Halle standing guard over her winnings. My heart breaking.

“Your bird dog caught a bird.” He looked at my face. “It’s surprising what they can come back from.”

“Probably not this.”

“No. Probably not this. Instinct. It’s a powerful thing.”

Yeah. It is. We are pretty hardwired when it comes down to it. Good job Halle. You were a good girl, just doing your job.

I’m sorry little bird. I’m really sorry.

We are hardwired. Aren’t we?

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