This isn’t mine. But it could be.  I’ve won some trophies, some awards and I have no idea where they are in the midst of my accumulation of lifetime..STUFF. I don’t even really remember what I won and when..or for what. I’ve taken some pretty good photos of pretty cool places, but most people haven’t seen them. Hell I haven’t even looked at a lot of them. I’m more concerned about what is next than what I did. To a fault. I often forget to reflect and appreciate what I’ve done. Also I literally forget pretty quickly what I’ve achieved and then decide that I haven’t achieved anything and I’m a total failure, loser, poser. Certainly not anything worth commemorating, or telling anyone about, or showing on a shelf or my wall. Which is probably a shame. For me mostly. You all have your own life memories to reflect on, you don’t necessarily need to see mine. (And truthfully I also get uncomfortable speaking of my successes, feeling like I’m trying to prove I’m better than you. Which I’m not.)

But this box, sitting in the garage, above the ladder, next to the broom, 18″ from the spare gas can, is filled with achievements, yet it’s marked pretty boldly in big red letters that it’s “unwanted”. It struck me as particularly complicated. This box. And the process by which it ended up here in the garage. I only hope it doesn’t get totally forgotten, or thrown away, before it’s realized that it’s actually not so much about whether or not you want those relics to show your achievements, but that the achievements were completed in the first place.

Unwanted Trophies

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