Yes, I am aware this is a terrible photo and you can’t see a thing. But let me tell you a little story about that brown blob in the bottom there.

A little over a year ago I was out “helping” a friend with an oil change in the alley, and the gal started bleeding all over the place, the truck not the friend, oil, not blood, so I dashed inside and grabbed a rag ..rags in my house are usually shirts I’ve ruined, usually within the first 3 wearings, this one I had spilled bleach on, and we sopped up the black gold and like good environmentally conscious people threw it in the dumpster.

This morning on a walk in an alley one block away, an alley I cruise every week, there was my shirt, laying in the middle of the road. My same brown, Old Navy, 3/4 sleeve with the tell tale bleach stains, WITH an oil funnel sitting on top.

One year later.

Dumpster Diving Hoarders or Major Time Warp? You decide.

Time warp?

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