This has been the longest stretch I haven’t written. I know you are all gone now. I’ve looked at my stats. Wide open. No traffic. Starting from scratch. Some of you have been kind enough to ask when its coming back. Had some technical issues, had some personal changes, had some career changes. It’s been a weird 3 months. Seemed to have lost myself some. Some of that is good. Some isn’t.  I could wax nostalgic, fill this with cliches, try and piece something together. But I’m not going to. Lets just say, ultimately we are all alone. Sometimes we get to share some time with someone and that time feels wonderful. Sometimes that someone is only around for a short time, sometimes a long time, but ultimately..we have to figure it out on our terms. And that’s ok.

Time has passed me by

  • November 6th, 2010
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