Now..I do have a history of being incredibly lucky when it comes to finding lost things..but ..Ok. I went to the park today and lost my house key ..again. Only this time I realized it before I got home. So..being the optimist I am..and being related to “reach in a muddy river and pull out a bike pedal” Wayne I headed back to look for it. I start retracing my steps and a lady says..”are you looking for this?” and shows me a ratty ball. “no. my hou….” and she says..”oh, this?” and reaches down by her foot and pulls up my key. Oh yes.

But then..she says..

“I found another key exactly like this a few months ago..I still have it at home.”

Same lady found both of my keys.

Thank you Beth in the park with Boo and Lily.


The universe is weird.

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