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I went to a show the other night at the Hi-Dive. Packed house for 3 out of town bands. Dawes, Other Lives & Delta Spirit. In between sets I ambled over to the merch tables, just to browse. I love looking at what kind of design the band deems their to be their image at the moment. Next to the merch table there was a table that had nothing to do (or so I thought) with the bands. Invisible Children it said, and there was a stack of DVD’s..all sorts of different ones. “Have you heard of Invisible Children?” the friendly beaming face said to me. “No.” I stated flatly. And in the next 5 minutes I was reminded of how powerful the medium of film & video can be. What an incredible undertaking and resulting accomplishment. This team started with a simple documentary of their experience in Uganda..and from that have created such a worthy foundation with an admirable cause. Not only are they collecting millions of dollars used for building schools in Uganda and donating hundreds of thousands of books for those schools but they are waking the awareness of other cultures and those cultures strife in otherwise sheltered American kids. And they are doing it with creativity and style and excitement.


Please go check their site.

The power of the camera

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