Holiday season always make me ache for family. After returning from this adventure, I opted not to journey again to join my immediate family for the usual festivities. Maybe a mistake. But honestly I realize that I’m super fortunate to have family and extended family that spans the globe. Literally. Brothers and sisters and cousins and step brothers and aunties and uncles and mothers and fathers and those peoples sisters and brothers. In America many of us tend to isolate ourselves from our family, forgetting, or downplaying the importance it has in our lives. Sometimes we get worked up over how they treat or don’t treat us, arrogant in our defiance of following the family way, or resentful that things aren’t the way we think it should be. We are all guilty of that. But ultimately, we are making our way, and deep down that family connection ties us together as a human race. These photos are of my Nepal family. Some of them anyway. Hopefully I’ll see the German family some day soon.

The global family

  • December 19th, 2010
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