New York Times just kills it when it comes to putting together multi-media info pieces. Every thing you need to quickly learn, view, experience a topic. Seriously. This is the future of news AND entertainment, people. This particular feature is on hiking the Annapurna route in Nepal. I didn’t get to experience this trek when I was in Nepal..this was the “tourist trek” according to my flip flop wearing, summer sausage eating, straight up the side of a mountain with a metal canteen, dad, (he’s changed his ways since I was 7..but still) but what a great little peek into what I missed. All this needs now is a couple videos of how to pull a leech off your leg and a soundtrack picker (the sound of heavy breathing and footsteps or perhaps a more uplifting track of traditional sherpa songs). Love it.

Check the whole thing out here: New York Times Article.

The future of media

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