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Violating my rules again. I just started a new idea for RedCamper though..Just Another Vacation Photo. Will be posting photos semi-daily to the new FaceBook page for RedCamper..as well as the Blog. And just to be redundant Twitter.

Here is the first. Hope you like.


“Just hold still. I need to capture a real African in their habitat. Don’t mind me. Or my knee high black socks. I’m a tourist.”


Never been so pleased to be a Denver Square.

So, I’m gonna violate one of my rules. Said this wasn’t about RedCamper, but you know what..this time it will be. I’m kind of excited about this. I’ve been working on a laptop bag for approximately the entire time I’ve been working on RedCamper, and after 2+ years of actual prototyping, I finally have the first run finished. I’m not showing that here though..have to wait for that. What I am showing, is the completion of the custom letter press stamped serial number naked lady slide. I upped the ante on this run of bags. Real numbering, real logo. Super sweet. Thank you guys at Platte River Letterpress.