Under the knife she went. Nervously I dropped her off vowing she hadn’t had food or water since 8pm the night before. Handing over the leash to the attendant who smiled and promised she would be ok and that I could call at noon to check her status I left with thoughts of anesthesia overdoses or slipped scalpels to the eyeball. Fear unwarranted. Dr. Adams and the Maxfund Wellness Center took care of business. 8 hours later, as I stood in the lobby waiting for her return to me, listening to her mournful cries in the back room that had started upon my first spoken words to the receptionist, I felt so thankful and excited to have her back safely to me.  Within moments of her entrance to the lobby, pulling the attendant, she was her usual leaping, crying, barking, sprinting, obnoxiously overexcited, disobedient self. Now to survive the next 14 days of her defiance against the limitations of her cone. Hank has already had his neck broken, but that’s another story.

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