Ok. So..my favorite indulgence magazine for the last 15+ years has been PDN. Photo District News. Every few months I decide maybe NOW is the time to be a photographer..and I pick up the latest issue and melt into the pages and fantasize about being a photographer and then I put it down and go back to my life. A little bit intoxicated by the high I’ve gotten from browsing this magazine..and a little bit bummed I haven’t tried to be a photographer. This magazine is, and always has been the pinnacle of photo magazines. Top notch fine art, commercial and documentary work gets featured here.

Well..today I recieved a request from a writer at PDN to get a print ready photo of the RedCamper Skylark LTD laptop bag for a review in the column “Objects of Desire”. I’m super pumped. Way excited. June issue he says.

The craziest part..he found me through a Twitter posting by someone at Kodak. Uh huh. I’m not kidding.

Awesome. Super excited to possibly be in the mag. Hope it really happens!

PDN. for real.

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