I adopted a retired greyhound. He’s the sweetest, best natured boy I’ve ever met. Sure he peed in my house the first week, and puked, and pooped in my car, and bleeds all over the walls when his tail breaks open, but he’s quite the awesome fellow. It’s pretty humbling to be honored with introducing him to his 2nd phase of life. The retired life. He’s learned to walk up and down stairs, to sit, to come back when he’s called. He’s learned what grass feels like, and how to ride in cars with his head out of the window, how to play with toys and walk with me. He’s seen cats and squirrels and small dogs and babies and kids and cars and ..a mirror. His racing name was Classy Lad and he had a pretty decent run winning 25 out of 97 races. His new name is Classy Jackaloper and he’s a champion to me.

My Classy Jack – 25/97 – 100% loved

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