Super fun. One of the best birthday presents I’ve gotten. A Shoreline Dream opened the day with a strong performance and a filled house and Mars Volta ended it with a crazy microphone stand hugging aerobics set. In between face paint girl, italian loverboy, weird green suit man, several sets of short shorts sported by men, the first entry to my new project “”, lots of stripes, and coconuts, a collared tie die (really?!) wacky Tel Aviv performers, Monotonix, an endured Dandy Warhols set, a surprisingly kick ass Phoenix set, a discovery of The Features, (a band from Nashville), an interesting duo Beats Antique, locals Savoy, some delicious non acid laced pumpkin candy and a really fun time hanging with my friends Justin (aka Cacheflowe), Ryan, Enoc and Erik.

Monolith by iPhone

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