I’m not in the business of promoting anyone else’s products, I gotta save that energy for promoting my own. But I’m enamored with this companies product. I have let my iPhone ride naked in my life for as long as I’ve had it because I simply don’t like any case out there. Until now. I needed a case that fit my identity, and my pocket. I gotta say..I love this case. It’s sleek, its simple, and most importantly its customizable with any graphic I want. Either from their collection of pretty great art, or from my own collection. AND that graphic is embedded into the material using a laser process, not stuck on top to peel off, or get stuck on my pants, or chip away when I drop it on the bathroom floor like I do. I love it. Think I might buy myself a Christmas present. A part+parcel branded case? Or maybe a RedCamper trailer?


I also gotta say..the website..is pretty solid. I’m not sure they could make this any easier than they have.

Well done Uncommon. Well done. I hope this is a successful venture for you.

This Is Uncommon from Scott Wilson on Vimeo.

Uncommon – Mass market custom product done right

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