Another fine example of dedicating oneself to mastering the craft of creating something and creating it to the best of your ability. As I sit in Hong Kong reflecting on my journeys thus far, spending a day shopping looking for something original, hand crafted, and mostly finding big brands, knockoffs and tons and tons of “inspired by” products its apparent to me that we, Americans in particular, but humans as a whole, have an opportunity right now to regain the old ways of taking pride in creating something, slowly, meticulously and expertly. The process of doing this is spirit enriching for one just oneself, but for everyone that touches that thing. What I found most remarkable about this beautifully created video is not just that this man has dedicated his life to making a simple thing like bread and is doing it so amazingly, but that he is sharing that craft with others, and those other people have not copied his formula but instead, have taken it and made it their own through their particular circumstances. That’s incredible and stunningly inspirational to me. I hope it is for you too.

Thank you Dossier for posting this. Thank you Tartine for doing this.

Make it. And make it your own.

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