I’ve been thinking a lot about loneliness the last couple of years. I’ve found myself lonelier than I’ve ever been. Through many circumstances…seclusion in working for myself, a change in friend circles, a fragile relationship, a sometimes unwillingness to emerge from my safety zone..lots of reasons. There are steps I’m taking now to both be more accepting of my mostly solitary presence and even learn to enjoy it in extended periods, but also to realize when and how to minimize my loneliness with authentic experiences and relationships. Surprisingly many old friendships have emerged from places I never expected from people I haven’t connected with in a long time. Old friends. And new friends that seem like old friends so quickly. I’ll share more about my thoughts on this human condition we all seem to be enduring, but first this short video about social media and it’s contribution to our ever growing loneliness as a “modern, advanced, civilized world”. In my moments of most crushing loneliness I’ve spent hours on Facebook, Instagram, sometimes even that weird bird Twitter searching for a a nugget of relief, finding only more loneliness on top of my own loneliness. When I’ve on rare occasion posted things, I’ve found the quick burst of “someone liked it..someone commented..I am validated” wears off in nearly less than a minute. But that feeling after an evening spent having conversation over dinner or drinks, or chatting with distant friends, or even a quick alley exchange with a new neighbor has lasted for days. Do it. Reach out, connect and then cherish your solitude filled with time to fill yourself in other ways. That’s my thought for the day.



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