“When my nape exploded I entered another dimension: inchoate, sub-planetary, protozoan. Universes are opened and closed continually” – Rabbi Ronnie Cahana

My life the last few years has been filled with anguish, a filled and broken heart, and the constant questioning of life and death and what it’s all supposed to mean to me, to others. I’ve visited places in myself that were previously behind doors were locked with rows of deadbolts. The answers found through this process sometimes stand boldly and fiercely in front..but sometimes twist into more questions of their own..or just disappear like smoke. Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes, answers nestle themselves into me, like lost puzzle pieces settling into place and in that giving some relief from the feeling of vastness inside. Emptiness.

I found this piece this morning. Timely given recent and not so recent things in my life. I found it incredibly moving and beautiful. It’s a daughters documentation of her fathers journey through “locked-in” syndrome, a complete eyes down paralysis caused by a stroke. Her photographs, his poems written by eye blinks recorded by his wife and daughter. What I found most moving was his awareness and full immersion into his new world, his ability to process the state and through will and love of life reassemble his world and make his way back, ultimately being able to move again. If only partial.


Original post is here: CoolHunting

More of Kitras work and a link to help fund her fathers recovery is here: Kitra Cahana

Kitra Cahana – Still Man

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