Two student artists,  Ayako Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi of Musashino Art University in Japan,  created a series of portraits of X-Ray and CT images of embracing couples that is pretty beautiful. Even though it’s really not the body, the bones, that connects us to one another on a deep emotional level when we are in love, it’s interesting to see how our bodies shapes and awkward jutting bones and large heads and long gangly legs are able to accommodate one another to share a simple embrace. And that big vast black void in the middle, that’s where it’s all at. All that overwhelming contentment and love and fear and wonder and excitement and blind trust and feeling of connection is all right there in that black hole in the middle.  I found this quite beautiful and moving. I hope you do too.

You can read more about it here.

Beautiful Decay

It’s not all black and white.

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