We are all joined to each other by invisible strings. Not just the people we know and love. Even strangers who live in different lands. We kid ourselves that events occur in isolation. We think our thoughts don’t change anyone’s mood – and that our actions will change nobody else’s life than our own. But though we can pull some strings more easily than others – and though we may try to stop our own strings from being pulled – we are connected.

Jonathon Cainer

I used to call this the undercurrent of consciousness..I think it’s true. Not just on an emotional level..but on a intellectual level, and maybe even some sort of unseen physical level..once you get into investigating synapsis and neurons and other things that are tough for me to understand. Not as unrelated as this might seem..but I just saw Avatar..which seems to weave a lot of American Indian and Eastern Indian beliefs, fantasy aesthetics and left wing politics into some strange concoction of 3-D multi-million dollar imax’ness. I didn’t think I was going to like it much..but I feel for the 3-d hook..and I dug it. Interesting..and visually compelling. It’s still your standard Hollywood shallow throw all the expensive effects in and no one will notice the bad script or cheesy lines or over acting kinda piece..but still. Go see. In the theater. With the glasses on an imax screen..don’t gyp yourself. (and watch this trailer in the HD version..yum)


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