My friend Jeff took this photo at a private party at Greystone that he took me to Friday night. The party was in celebration of the release of a movie the owner, Denver gazillionare Richard Bard, was an investor in. The Producer, Bill Papariella was also on hand and was so gracious.  The movie we were celebrating is called “Homecoming”. Which we went to after the party. I’ll get to that in a minute.

But..this house is beyond comprehension. I believe it was recently..or is ..on the market for $24 million. It is stunning. Full house, guest house, another guest house, stables converted to offices and more guest quarters. A ballroom complete with catering kitchen. Playground, 2 tennis courts, golf holes, a pool, pool house, jacuzzi, private stream for fly fishing, vintage cabin, greenhouse. All of this nestled into the most picturesque valley you can imagine with the Rocky Mountains in the distance. It was, is, truly a resort. And the owner, Richard..incredibly humble and giving and friendly. An incredible location for pre-premiere festivities.

So, the movie he was an Executive Producer on..was Homecoming. A movie by Morgan J. Freeman. It was thriller with “Misery” esque tendencies..but with a love triangle instead of just a scary Kathy Bates. I jumped out of my seat several times. Mischa Barton is gorgeous and the cousin cop….umm..super delicious. She should have just forgotten the dumb x-boyfriend and gone for hottie who was way cuter than the x-football jock. Not usually the kind of movie I go to..but I dug it. Go see..and support the efforts of a few Denver’ites.


Homecoming & Greystone

  • July 26th, 2009
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