It’s 2012. I thought about trying to do a photo journey of 2011 for this blog. One shot per month illustrating the best that month had to offer, but in reality, there is a lot of 2011 that I’d really rather just pack away forever. It was a year of a lot of loss and regret, and with that, denial and understanding that loss. It had much painful struggle and resistance, and tears and heartache, and fear and frustration, and retrospection with only a few moments of clarity. Yes, there absolutely were a few wins for sure, but on the whole, 2011 was a tough one for me, and loved ones around me. So instead of really stirring up even more of that pot, let’s instead thank life for the lessons that force us to grow into better people and then reflect on and appreciate the finer moments of girls restroom infamy. God bless you ladies wielding paint pens and purse markers. You made my years worth of public restroom escapes all the more memorable.

Girls Room 2011

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