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Please watch this.

Bus 174

WHAT?!  There is another Halle? And she’s a wirehaired version of the German Pointers..? Weird. Very cute. Someone please rescue her. I can’t have two Halle’s. Halle wouldn’t approve.

Well…I finally watched it. The Cove. I know it’s real easy to get preachy and insist you need to watch this movie if you have any sort of heart..but it took me awhile. Maybe it will take you awhile too, but really, it’s worth the anguish you are going to feel. I think it’s just good to know what’s going on, and try and help if you can. At the very least, recognize that we have a real issue that we’ll be faced with, probably in our lifetimes, which is that we are running out of fish. Be smart about which ones you chose to eat. And..I suppose there are probably humane dolphin shows and aquariums that treat their dolphins well, and are a fine example of dolphin education and awareness, but even better would be to just watch them in the wild from the shoreline as they skate through the waters, letting them continue to live freely.

Just stumbled across this incredible site this morning. Someone (anonymous) came into a substantial amount of money and upon receiving it booked a flight to space immediately, ($400,000) then realized that perhaps this was not the best use of the money and decided instead to try and make a difference with it. So..this person is giving away $1000 at a time to people they come across in day to day life. They only ask that that money go towards good and to allow to have their photograph made. They then can report back what they did with that money. It’s really a beautiful project and this entry in particular was so lovely. Brought tears to my eyes.

This is Mario, the optician with seemingly no regrets in life, all those photos, those are of his late wife.  Mario gave the money to his daughter who runs a non-profit dog rescue in Italy, who in turn wrote a thank you to We Are Lucky describing where the money went. Clearly these two have found happiness and joy in live by loving, and giving forward. with everything in life..the butterfly effect is shown in this small story with how this single gesture has impacted so many. In this case, both humans and animals. Every story on the site is truly touching.

Really lovely. All of it.

We Are Lucky

National Western Stockshow happening right this very second. If you haven’t been, you should. Ranching, semen selling, hog weighing and steer auctioning is alive and well. Thank god. I consider ranchers and farmers the true blood of America. All the respect in the world to these people. Thank you.

Business of Beef

So..this video from Invincible was banned from MTVu for being “suicidal”. How is it that this video is viewed as more of a threat than the regular line up of hiphop videos. For real. A gay jewish hip hop emcee writes a song about depression and that’s deemed “too problematic”? Weird. Read more here:

Salon Article

Invincibles site

My new friend Chip (see reservation art down below) turned me on to this Academy Award winning movie. It’s frankly incredible that I hadn’t known about it before. The movie is about the recent history of the Navajo and Hopi tribes and their tangling with the US Government and Peabody Coal. Relocation, environmental hazards, genocide, mistreatment, corporate and government power, coal and uranium strip mining, water rights, native american traditions, prophesy…this has been going on for over 100 years. This film has friends of the family in it, locales that are within miles from my childhood home. I shared the bus with these indians, some of my best friends in the day were from this brothers wife is from this area, they were married in the traditional way….it’s all processing with me right now. I’m not sure there is any area in the United States right now that is as wrought with issues as this area. All under my nose.

The movie, while interesting and revealing, should certainly be taken with a grain of salt..and a big scoop of blind eye for the horrible sound track and low production values. It looks like its from the 1970’s but it’s not. Good on em for trying to get the word out though.

BTW…seriously…the movie can NOT tell me isn’t inspired in some way by this story. Effort to move the natives off their sacred land so “unoptanium” (uranium) could be mined, kill the tree of life, natives understood balance of mother earth and sanctity of life…Na’vi (Navajo)…come on. Unfortunately…nothing is simple or easy. Nuclear power is a pretty great power source..does it all have to be handled so crookedly though?

Broken Rainbow


Read this on WebUrbanist today. Apparently some small towns in Germany are experimenting with a system for conserving energy and expenses by having the streetlights only turn on when someone requests them to be on. That request is transferred via cell phone. Pedestrians (or drivers) call the phone number associated to that quadrant of street lights and they turn on for 15min.

Pretty good idea.

Video here: Dial4Light

My good friend Jen invited me to volunteer at the CAP food bank yesterday for pre-Thanksgiving food dispersal. I had a great time packaging food (celery, eggs, butter, milk…celery, eggs, butter, milk…celery, eggs, butter, milk), and bagging turkeys (musta been 200 or 300 birds I bagged), and handing out food to some Denver’ites that are less fortunate than I. It was a great experience for me, I enjoyed doing some hands on labor for the good of people. I don’t do enough of that.

If you feel like helping: Colorado AIDS Project.

Ok my two fans….and me. I have a few things in my back pocket. Let’s start with this….a little bit of irony..

I ran into this kid at a park while I was house shopping in the ghettos of Denver..and this park had a stream..where he caught this fish. Rock huh?! Kid caught the fish with a stick, a string and a hook. I’m serious. Old school fisher in the heart of Barnum. So..not only did this little go getter catch a fish, he found an old gatorade bottle, also compliments of the stream, and stuffed his fish in head first so he could take him home and put him in his fish tank. Which, is kinda cruel, but that’s the irony or the point of this story. Here is the fisherman, and his haul, in a piece of trash..

fishinbottle1 comes the irony part..this kid put his fish in a piece of trash he found floating down the river..the river that dumps into another river which dumps into a lake..NOW..if we lived anywhere but here..the river most likely would have dumped into the ocean at some point. Somewhere. And those of you who know me well..know I was upset about the Great Pacific Garbage patch a few years ago and after alerting everyone I thought would listen to me..I tried to adjust my life to not purchase anything in plastic and realized in despair that it is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to do this. You try. Everything is packaged in plastic it seems.  I also felt morally responsible, making handbags of plastic, and considered quitting. Did for awhile actually. I tried hard, for awhile,  to change my lifestyle. Plastic is prolific though. Anyway, a fantastic photographer Chris Jordan has released a series of images he has taken of bird corpses on a island near that floating Gyre and which show the impact that floating, delicious looking, mass of our old gatorade bottles and combs and plastic trays from that pack of Oreos I bought, has on unsuspecting birds. Check it..


Just one word. Plastics.