Category: Stop Motion

A tad on the long side but really a pretty strong effort, super clever. Loving the soundtrack too, which is also mixed by the artist Karim Rejib

U900. Adorable. Seriously. Can Japanese art/culture be ANY cuter?

I love stop motion. I can’t help myself. Doublebutter’s best one yet.

Millard Tillman’s DoubleButter Burritos from DoubleButter on Vimeo.

So I love this. But I have no idea what the man said. I was so absorbed by the visuals that I had to watch it 3 times to hear the story and not just the lovely scratchy voice with the amazing stop motion loveliness. Pretty nice spot for the New Zealand Book Council.

By BBDO & Andersen M Studio

Another outstanding stop motion music video.holy cow. Go watch the whole thing on Babelgum.

Yes..indeed..yet another stop motion music video that has captured my heart. How awesome is this?