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I just read a great article about the inventor of the Aeropress, which I’m a huge fan of. I use it every day. My favorite coffee maker by far. Simple. Tasty. Quite a story. Tenacity. Brains. A little luck and a lot of persistence. “overnight success” is usually calculated in years.

Read the full article here.

How great is this girl?!

(btw..pretty sure i had those same shoes…)


The Hourglass from Ikepod on Vimeo.

Really beautiful video of Ikepod making one of their products, an hourglass. Absolutely lovely. Prices start at $14k. Or you can pick up a watch for $18k.

Super high end hourglass

I love this ad. And Willem  Dafoe.


Roy’s Jeans – Video by Self Edge from Self Edge on Vimeo.

Hand made – small scale.

The Making of WeSC Denim from WeSC on Vimeo.

Hand made. On a large mass production scale. But still hand made.

Billykirk from The Scout on Vimeo.

It’s another couple of white guys, but Billy Kirk is another company/product I’ve admired for awhile. Awesome. Lovely vid by The Scout that talks about their process, history, etc.

Billy Kirk

The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.

Been loving this brand for awhile now. Found this today. It’s a bit long, but lovely in showing their product, their philosophy and their brand story.

Mast Brothers.

Mast Brothers Chocolate

The Masters of Photography – Behind the scenes of the Rankin Edition from The Macallan on Vimeo.

This is a couple years old, but I just came across it. A lovely collaborative project between Macallan Whisky and the photographer Rankin. Macallan seems to have a appreciation for photography and part of their marketing program includes The Masters of Photography series. This particular collaboration involved Rankin shooting 1000 polaroids of the Macallan estate. Those original polaroids were then packaged in special edition 30 year old bottle/box sets. While this isn’t a mainstream execution with the sets commanding near $2k, I love this project. Exactly the way it is.

The Masters of Photography – website

Macallan Whisky – website

And there is a book too..

Art & Commerce

Yes, there are still manufacturing companies in the US that still create beautiful crafted goods. And there are new brands spawned off from brands that have a heritage here. I find both inspirational. Here is an example of the former though, Bollman, creates hats..has since 1800. Housed in a brick building in Pennsylvania they make over a million hats a year.

Bollman Hat Company

Bollman Hat Co.