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Gina & Clarissa 2013

Some light

Chitwan Nepal – 2010

I wish I was Maya.

I love you Maya

I’ve spent my whole life looking ahead, towards the future. Always gunning it, working as hard as I can, going as fast as I can, piling on more, committing to more, expecting more. Always expecting more. Of myself, of others, of my life. THIS wasn’t it..IT was ahead of me, just around the corner and I better get there fast before it’s dark and I can’t see it any more.

Guess what?

The scenic view is right here.

Everything I’ve been or done or seen or said or wished for but is now past is in the rear view mirror. All the gunning has just gotten me closer to what? What is it? Because I don’t feel closer to anything. At all. In fact, now it feels like maybe I accidentally passed it all, and accidentally ran over some people in my desperate flight for that thing ahead that I thought I had an idea about. It is so rare for me to be pleased in the moment. Why? Sometimes when I’m conscious and accepting of the moment, which in itself has been a rare thing, though it does get easier the older I get, but when I actually am conscious of that moment, I often feel awkward and that consciousness becomes SELF consciouness real quickly. And that’s no good. So what’s the problem? Why is it so hard to be here now? Whats wrong with now? What’s wrong with what this moment holds? What’s wrong with where you are now? What’s wrong with the people you love? What’s wrong with slowing down and realizing what you have and how little control you actually have in life?

Nothing. So, self, do it. Relax. This IS the scenic view.

The Silence of Dogs in Cars – Martin Usborne

I absolutely love this series of photos of dogs in cars. The artist Martin Usborne states that the series was shot in response to a childhood memory of being left in the car and feeling as if no one would ever come back for him, if perhaps he would be alone forever. While many of the images feel very much staged with perfect scenes and perfect lighting, it’s clear to me that the dogs weren’t given the agenda and have either settled in for the wait, or are anxiously fretting the return of their person. I really can’t say anything any better than this reviewer, on Yatzer.

Conveying Usborne’s preoccupation with the separation that exists both between humans and (other) animals and between ourselves, ‘The Silence of Dogs in Cars’ is a haunting portrait series of dogs as they sit and wait inside locked vehicles. Setting out to perform a cathartic experiment, the photographer re-enacted the fear that he couldn’t bear as a child. Over the course of more than forty images in the series, Usborne paired a variety of settings and cars to dogs, documenting their commanding reactions as they faced the same fate he did when he was young. Silence and solitude prevail as the canines’ expressions shift from sad to expectant, angry and dejected. Seemingly sheltered and protected, yet utterly vulnerable, they wait, trapped, appearing to be uncertain of what lies ahead.

However, in what appears to be a darker and arguably rather invigorating twist in the portrayal of a pictorial commonplace – the incessantly-photographed ‘man’s best friend’ – we also find a poignant series that hits close to home. Masquerading as animal photography, the series sees Usborne subtly shifting the focus away from his canine subjects, as he projects man’s worries, anxieties and deepest fears onto them. Honest and raw, the images convey an immediate emotional honesty that only animals can express. Behind their uneasy expressions and piercing stares, we recognize a realm of feelings that we usually suppress; the fear of the unknown, the fear of being alone and unheard. A fear universally felt but with no outlet to be expressed. In this vein, Usborne’s mesmerizing images are not so much about dogs but about those horrible feelings that inevitably arise in all of us from time to time.

Horrible feelings indeed. Some of these images brought such emotion to my heart I teared up immediately.

More photos and write up here on Yatzer.




These are my eyes. They aren’t trails to watering holes, autumn leaves, marbled stone, complex starry universes, fleshy breasts or radish bottoms..these are my eyes.

My eyes are up here.

Halle in a sweatshirt.

Rusty the amazing bike.

Old wood floors.


I might have a reincarnated Buddhist squirrel in my neighborhood. Don’t laugh. Perhaps he is a lama of the bushy tailed species. Though, I did catch him stealing, which maybe isn’t very Buddhist at all. Little scamp made off with 4 of my prayer flags. I watched him, red handed, pulling those flags along the top of the fence, stopping to wad them up in his mouth so he could more easily make off with the multicolored trail that snagged on the tops of the fence inconveniently. He left with them, about 8:30 am. At 8:45 I went out to the alley, just to see…and found them here, stuffed in a gap in the fence. I brought them back to my yard and hung them back up, partially just to see if he would come back to steal them once again.

“Hey, did you see that squirrel on the top of the fence walking with alternate strides like a dog or a human? So strange.”

Must be that Buddhist squirrel, looking for his Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags.

It’s no secret I like to say “underpants”. It’s probably at this point, also not a secret that I love vintage cars. These amazing pics are cutting boards..and a calendar from some genius in Germany. Ich leibe Unterhosen.

From Autowasche Kalender

An Artists Basement

After my {failed} cookies I decided to take a step back and return to my roots, get my cooking mojo back. So I pulled out the family heirloom Romertopf clay pot cooker straight from “West Germany” that my own Gramma Lu baked plenty a meal in before handing over to my dad who continued to keep up the tradition of both cooking chicken in..then giving it to another family member for Christmas. (see last entry..I’m really not kidding)’s hard to fail at this. Put a chicken in a pot with some potatoes, some carrots, some mushrooms, some onions, some water and some spices, put it in the oven and come back in a couple of hours. Dinner.

Getting back on the horse.