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A tad on the long side but really a pretty strong effort, super clever. Loving the soundtrack too, which is also mixed by the artist Karim Rejib

Thank you Cool Hunting for a sweet video/song. I am loving the Afropean 1970′s chic vibe.


Siku Ya Baadaye

Spoon - Denver, CO

Spoon – Ogden Theater


Oh man. There is so much to soak in spend some time following every link and absorbing every photo and music’s all good. So good. Sud Africaan white trash tearing it up. Serious style here. I love it.

Apparently this band has literally exploded since Feb 1 when Boing Boing posted an article about them. That was 7 days ago people. In that 7 days they have lined up a endorsement deal with Puma (sweet) and are booking a world tour. Here is an article about the fallout. Thank you Boing Boing. I only wish they had merch…

Die Antwoord

U900. Adorable. Seriously. Can Japanese art/culture be ANY cuter?

So. I’ve had this video sent to me multiple times. I love that my friends know that I would love this. And I do. It makes me tear up..EVERY time I watch it. This morning..I got it again. And frankly it’s well timed. For a variety of reasons. But mostly..because everytime I watch this I think..with some more work, and passion, and not giving up, I can do anything. And so can you. Don’t settle.

So good.

Handsome Boy Modeling School & Cat Power


From MSNBC’s Week In Pictures: Photo by Christopher Chung / Zuma Press

Workers attempt to remove a 100,000-pound crane that fell onto the Santa Rosa, Calif., home of Michelle and Kevin McCarthy on Nov. 17. The couple had hired a contractor to remove a 150-year-old oak tree in the backyard for fear that it could fall. Instead, the crane fell and sliced through the house the McCarthys moved into just a few months earlier. No one was home at the time and there were no injuries.

I always cringe when someone takes a tree down. Occassionally there is good reason, and the tree is a hazard. This tree looks pretty solid though. I hate to say it..but that might just be some karma coming at them…

Lifes ironies

Chris Piascik from Quarter Productions on Vimeo. via Boing Boing.

Very pretty video..and the soundtrack is really nice. Bonobo – Nothing Owned.

Chris Piascik – doodle artist


If you like rockabilly..go here NOW. And see if Mad Max and the Wild Ones are coming to your town. So worth it. This is no Partridge Family..this family seriously kills it. And yeah..that lead singer is like 8. The like 13..and is probably gonna outdo Neil Pert some day. Super awesome time at the Horseshoe Saloon.

Madmax and the Wild Ones – WHOA