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Written for his wife as he progressed through the early stages of Alzheimers. Absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful.

TESLA : ORIGINS from david holm on Vimeo.

This is supposed to be funny. But it kinda isn’t right now.


Odile et Michel

I adopted a retired greyhound. He’s the sweetest, best natured boy I’ve ever met. Sure he peed in my house the first week, and puked, and pooped in my car, and bleeds all over the walls when his tail breaks open, but he’s quite the awesome fellow. It’s pretty humbling to be honored with introducing him to his 2nd phase of life. The retired life. He’s learned to walk up and down stairs, to sit, to come back when he’s called. He’s learned what grass feels like, and how to ride in cars with his head out of the window, how to play with toys and walk with me. He’s seen cats and squirrels and small dogs and babies and kids and cars and ..a mirror. His racing name was Classy Lad and he had a pretty decent run winning 25 out of 97 races. His new name is Classy Jackaloper and he’s a champion to me.

I’ve had a lot of these lately. And unfortunately said some of them myself.

I need to find a calming lamp. “aw..fuck” indeed.


Crushing Words.


This is hilarious.

I love it.

Right down to the FIT logo.


And yes. I know. 4 fingers pointing back. Yeah yeah.

Also note today is April 1. xo


Makers and Honda FIT

I absolutely adore this movie. I’ve watched it twice now in the last year. I was so surprised when I watched this film from the 60’s that spoke of love and relationships in a way that wasn’t idealistic, or always romantic, but surely real. ┬áIt’s the story of a couples 12 year journey through life and love with all the pitfalls that happen.

I love the story, I love Audrey Hepburn, I love the scenery, the cars, the wardrobes. Everything is so wonderful. What this trailer doesn’t show, that I love so much, is the dynamic of their love and the method of telling the story..constantly cutting from the beginning of their relationship, to current, to somewhere in the middle, to back to the beginning, to another point in the middle, to the current again..and so it goes. Using repeating locations and people as common ties. The story itself is a rocky love story of an unlikely match between a sarcastic, seemingly self centered architect, and a sweet, almost naive, gorgeous woman who can volley back anything that crank can throw her way.

While intricately woven together, the story is of a relationships sweet fresh beginnings that turn to tougher times with infidelity, and a baby, and crushing ties to a demanding employer, and the strained..almost lost connection, and more infidelity, and anger and resentment and then…acknowledgement of each others importance and then..surrender to their cagey, banter filled, sarcastic volley filled existence of deep love for one another expressed through their unique dynamic of a constant push pull.

So good.


Thank you to Cousin Joe for this one. Brought tears to my eyes. So overwhelmingly beautiful.

Amira Willighagen