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Oh my this house. I love it so much.



How great is this girl?!

(btw..pretty sure i had those same shoes…)


Another box I WOULD live in. From Design to Inspire.

I love this house. I the atrium with the roof that slides back for open air access to the garden and the library. Add a workshop/garage behind this and we have perfection. At least one version of perfection.

From Dornob.

But be sure you check the original source. A multitude of other fantastic houses that make me want to move this second.

Ok. Someone must be playing a joke on me. Airstream trailers converted to hotel rooms, sitting in a garden that shows movies outside complete with popcorn, on a rooftop in Cape Town, South Africa. Downstairs is the Daddy Cool Bar that houses CapeTowns only digital and photographic art gallery and is touted as THE place for creatives to congregate. Come on. Seriously? Can it possibly get ANY better than that? Can it? No. The answer is no. It can’t.

The Grand Daddy hotel

The Pink Flamingo movie house

The talented boys, Doublebutter, at the end of the block were chosen to be featured in a documentary called Cities x Design. They asked me to document the documentary.

Did some product testing the other day with my neighbors Doublebutter…they make seriously sweet furniture..we did some testing on the Armadillo Coffee Table….video to follow.. is the result..of that Doublebutter product testing. These boys take their testing serious..unfortunately I was not part of the Molotov cocktail or the winch drop tests. Poor Armadillo…

DoubleButter Say What? from DoubleButter on Vimeo.

Sweet song too right? Adriano Celentano, Prisencolinensinainciusol




Had this flat pack house / modern architect come to my attention today. Thank you Jaxon. Pretty nice. Pretty cheap. $37,000 for this one. Have to have somewhere to put it..and someone to build it..but pretty reasonable. And lovely.

From Rocio Romero.