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Christmas spirit.

Honesty in Advertising.

A teensy bit cheesy..but still pretty pure.

If you are not moved by this commercial I don’t know what to tell you. Yes, it’s advertising. Yes, it’s amazing.

Poem is a Charles Bukowski piece called The Laughing Heart.

I don’t know. I enjoyed this. But I am a branding geek.

I resisted. I’m not a Diesel fan…but it’s pretty great.

Be Stupid Campaign


This video is terrible. But the concept is interesting. Sony took some of their building banners and made them into pants. Then hung those pants back up where the banner used to be, and sold them off the wall at $168 each. I’m not sure how “green” this can be considered, or what sort of statement  on recycling this makes..but it is a pretty smart publicity move. Fun.

Sony Banner Pants


Evian Roller Babies Ad

So I love this. But I have no idea what the man said. I was so absorbed by the visuals that I had to watch it 3 times to hear the story and not just the lovely scratchy voice with the amazing stop motion loveliness. Pretty nice spot for the New Zealand Book Council.

By BBDO & Andersen M Studio