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Was faced with a situation recently where someone I didn’t know asked for help….still weighs on me. Still have the chance to help. Such a good ad.

Paying forward

TESLA : ORIGINS from david holm on Vimeo.

This is hilarious.

I love it.

Right down to the FIT logo.


And yes. I know. 4 fingers pointing back. Yeah yeah.

Also note today is April 1. xo


Makers and Honda FIT

How great is this girl?!

(btw..pretty sure i had those same shoes…)


Seems I’m obsessed with this campaign. I love this documentary on the making of the project. And maybe I have a little crush on that beekeeper sweet man.

More Dewars

Funny. It was just yesterday I noticed the bottle of Dewars Honey on the shelf. Today I find this very creative ad for it. A honeycomb in the shape of their bottle created to promote this new product. I love the combination of nature and mans manipulation of nature to create a product that is of and from the fruits of this earth, but only possible through the human hand, mind. I think they did a great job of creating a visual of the creation of the product that is engaging on a primal level. Pretty great. Well done Dewars.


Spotted all of this on Weburbanist.

Black Sabbath promoting their NEW album with posters guised to appear as if they were always there, underneath all the other posters that have now been peeled away to reveal them. I love it. So smart. Super creative and meaningful.


Black Sabbath promotion


I absolutely love this dumb commercial.

Also, I love this illustration.



If this doesn’t make you cry, or at least tear up a little, I don’t know if we can be friends.

Vodaphone ad by Grey London working with director Frédéric Planchon

Been sicker than a dog (no wait..Halle has been fine) for the last 2 + weeks. Finally getting my legs back under me. Hello 2013. Anyway..I have stuff to share..but most involve thinking and editing.. and well Dad sent me these really well done PSA’s for domestic violence in India (& Nepal I presume) from The Nepali Times and they are pretty awesome, and I can just copy and paste. Enjoy.

Here are some more..

Ring, ring


The postcard

The ball

Ring The Bell