On the topic of advertising affecting the way we live, the example above, the new Captain D’s logo that I saw in Tennessee, is living proof. I love this logo. This logo makes me want to go eat at Captain D’s..maybe buy a t-shirt, a mug. It’s so lovely and retro and the colors are so nice and it’s a bit campy, but promises delicious seafood from a KITCHEN! I feel all of this…EVEN THOUGH I KNOW it is just another Long John Silvers where there is absolutely nothing on the menu that is going to make me feel nourished after eating it. I’ll feel sick. I’ll regret it. I’ll feel disenchanted and lied to. But I still want to go.  THAT’S the power of advertising. God I love the manipulation of it all. It’s so wrong.

Captain D’s I love/hate you

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