My mom just left. 8 days here. The first 4 days I almost didn’t see her at all. Too..busy. Work, preparation, presentations, client meetings, negotiating phone calls, keeping the production engine moving. 2 of those 4 days she was busy too. Learning. Which was good. I’m proud of her. She has always inspired me. My mom is also the center of stillness. “Where is your joy?” She asks me sometimes. After I tell her how busy I’ve been.

I’ve had a book, in my house for a long time now..The Power of Now. Couldn’t crack it..too busy, distracted. But, since my mom left, I’ve been reading it and it’s like coming back home. Oh yeah…I remember being like that, sometimes, between storms of busy..storms that are hard to see through sometimes. Because they were on the inside more than the outside. But I really remember being like that before the storms.

I miss you too Lowly Worm. You and your apple car adventures that I took to my rock shop to read, atop the cinder rocks, way out there in the middle of the sounds of winds through junipers and goats bleeting and munching dry tall grass. That was full on now. Be like that more.

Read that article above..the New York Times one. It’s good. A reminder to stop being so busy and just be, and hopefully, find your joy.


Busy vs. NOW

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