Once we finally saw Bam Bam on the course we packed up and made our way to try and catch them at the final stage in Poland, a water crossing. We got there moments after unfortunately so we made our way to the final camp, Dresden, Germany. All seemed well as we crossed the border with the sun setting. (Keep in mind the sun sets around 10:30pm) Then in the span of 3 minutes I received 2 calls. 1)Alois and Denise’s ride to Germany had broken down and they were stranded back at the water crossing, hundreds of kilometers back, and 2)Jay wasn’t able to shift gears as the clutch had gone out. Momentarily, chaos seemed to resume.

Our lost teammates found another ride and Brandon, Josh and I caught up with Jay and got his clutch fixed up enough to run the final stage of the day, the man made course there at camp in the outskirts of Dresden.

The next day the race was cut short with several accidents and we all converged on Dresden town center to watch Jay cross the finish line on Augustusbroker. Ironically the celebration coincided with a spectacular Gay Pride Festival and a couple boys selling balloons to fund a bachelor party.

7 days of racing through the dirt, sand, swamps, rivers and quaint Polish villages had come to an end. Broken relationships and unimog parts, miles and miles of miscalculated routes and navigation missteps, a few rental vehicle mishaps and hours and hours of lost sleep had brought us to this finish. The first American team racing in the Breslau-Dresden Adventure Rallye had finished and placed #11 out of 23 trucks in our category that finished. 36 had started. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and only by sheer force of will were we able to finish what we had started. Jay Couch and his team built and delivered a truck and one way or another made it to the finish line. Magpul Industries took a gigantic risk in funding such an endeavor with a whole lot of trust put in only a couple peoples hands. With out that trust, it never would have happened.  The Breslau-Dresden Rallye was without question one of the most difficult and incredible things I have ever been part of. Thank you Magpul and Jay Couch Off Road Engineering, I can’t wait to try it again.

Breslau-Dresden Adventure Rallye – The Race – The Final Chapter

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