After we finally got the axle fixed and Jay and Tobi on their way we had to pack up and drive 500 km back south to Zagon. But first we had to try and locate the FedEx package that had been following me around Poland. With only a couple days left the custom made tshirts & stickers would need to be distributed straight away. My car packed to the gills with people and luggage we found our way to a small hotel in a small town with no English speaking residents to be found. Also no FedEX. Alas..I’d have to abandon.  Remarkably, as I was writing down my name and Polish phone number with absolutely no confidence I would ever hear from the lovely ladies, the box arrived!! We celebrated by purchasing a freshly cooked, multi-course Polish meal in the banquet hall. With our belly’s full we hit the road and thankfully Denise took the wheel as the other 3 of us had been up all the night before.

Our one night camp in Zagon was just outside the city limits and we quickly set up our tents in the light rain at the edge of the forest next to some abandoned train tracks that stopped at a tall concrete platform. My ventures into the woods to investigate were met with a terrible eerie feeling as I found old abandoned buildings. ( I later found out we were camping at Stalag Luft III a POW camp that was featured in the movie The Great Escape. There was also a mass burial site with 20k people buried within yards of our camp) The next morning we did a quick photo shoot, Bill, Brandon and I packed up and set off trying to capture Bam Bam in the race. I had still yet to see our truck anywhere but the start line or camp. Following shared coordinates we narrowly escaped getting stuck in the sand, driving onto the race course and at one point found ourselves on a live fire military base where we were escorted into a small building to view the race on a surveillance screen. But all that is story for drinks some time. Regardless…I finally, finally saw our truck racing.

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Breslau-Dresden Adventure Rallye – The Race – Part 4

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