I might have a reincarnated Buddhist squirrel in my neighborhood. Don’t laugh. Perhaps he is a lama of the bushy tailed species. Though, I did catch him stealing, which maybe isn’t very Buddhist at all. Little scamp made off with 4 of my prayer flags. I watched him, red handed, pulling those flags along the top of the fence, stopping to wad them up in his mouth so he could more easily make off with the multicolored trail that snagged on the tops of the fence inconveniently. He left with them, about 8:30 am. At 8:45 I went out to the alley, just to see…and found them here, stuffed in a gap in the fence. I brought them back to my yard and hung them back up, partially just to see if he would come back to steal them once again.

“Hey, did you see that squirrel on the top of the fence walking with alternate strides like a dog or a human? So strange.”

Must be that Buddhist squirrel, looking for his Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags.

Backwards or forwards is he evolving?

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