Read about this guy, and his book yesterday on PSFK. His name is Dallas Clayton. Dallas wrote and illustrated a kids book but couldn’t find a publisher..so he did it himself. It’s now selling out faster than he can produce. But the greatest thing, besides the fact that the book is pretty inspirational in both its content and it’s entrepreneurial spirit, is that he set up a foundation..and for every book he sells, he gives one to a school, hospital, library, camp…and that’s pretty awesome. The book itself, well,   I think it’s worthy of the hype. Check out all the pages here on his site.. Try not to tear up.

Christmas is coming, there are a lot of kids and adults that could use the reminder that dreaming is pretty important. Here is his store.


An Awesome Book – Dallas Clayton

  • September 23rd, 2009
  • Posted in Art

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