This one is from a rickshaw ride, but I’ve taken many taxi rides in the last week and a half, and I absolutely LOVE it. The taxi drivers bob and weave and beep and brake through motorcycles and bicycles and dogs and people and buses and cars and other taxis and huge potholes and piles of trash and fruit carts and some times even a cow. It’s incredible to participate in what looks to be undrivable conditions with what seems to be no organization. Yet, it works. No yelling, no accidents that I’ve seen. This mass chaos is navigated with immediate response and probably a calm resolve to get from a to b. While waiting for my father to purchase his turquoise I was lectured to by a Tibetan man about the importance of calming the mind and removing the chaos from ones essence. Truthfully I need daily reminders of this and there are many westerners here to study buddhism at monasteries and such, but perhaps it’s tailoring the response to the daily chaos with the precision and mindfulness and flexibility of the common taxi driver that is the answer.

Chaos within and without

  • November 28th, 2010
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