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Gina & Clarissa 2013

Some light

Today in 1973 : Dolly Parton recorded the song she also wrote,  ‘I Will Always Love You’ in RCA’s Studio “B” in Nashville.

The song was written for her one-time partner and mentor, Porter Wagoner whom she was splitting professionally with at the time.

This song has always brought tears to my eyes. It’s no different this morning.

I’ve referred to Cowbird stories before. Sometimes they really strike me. This one did. The odd thing is that it struck me in a way that wasn’t about me necessarily, but about memories. And sheltering those memories in yourself because you want them to be the way you remember them to be, without corruption from someone elses version of that time. Because you need that memory to be a certain way to make that part of you that holds that memory feel ok. You need to hold onto that way of remembering because it has become part of you, a physical part of you and without it existing in exactly that way that part of you is false..or less..or maybe even without it..it leaves a great big hole that caves in in it’s darkness. But the truth is…your truth and my truth are different camera angles on the same thing, neither one is wrong, neither one is exclusively right. The truth is everyone wants to fly, and sometimes we need to believe that we can, or we did. The truth is everyone sometimes needs someone else to catch them when they are falling and wheither its clear or not that they were actually flying or they were just hanging over the edge with their foot in someone elses hand who was trying to prevent them from certain death, everyones truth is exactly what they need it to be. And sometimes that’s really, really, heartbreaking and tragic.

(use the arrows in that box above to actually read the story..it’s not that intuitive..I’m sorry..I didn’t do it.)

Holding Hands

Chitwan Nepal – 2010

I wish I was Maya.

I love you Maya