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This is one of those times…


Guess it’s a 2 Zefrank day. Sometimes I wonder if he has access to the libraries of my head carefully selecting one fear or another of mine.


I’ve never had an easy time with this one either. And my lack of myself..has made my life more difficult. Most of the time it was an unwarranted lack of trust..sometimes my lack of trust led to exactly that which I was fearing..and betrayal on my part, or their part, led to massive pain. WAY more than what I feared when I was untrusting. So that could go two ways.. 1)See…I was right to not trust. or the reality 2)That lack of trust eroded something pure and true and caused the betrayal.

Funny how that is..focus on what you want..because that’s where you end up. If you are driving, if you are swinging a bat, if you are working on your career, if you are in love, if you are baking a cake, if you are snowboarding down a black run…don’t focus on what you don’t want. That’s just dumb. You’ll crash. And it will hurt. A lot.

Focus & Trust

Any one who knows me, knows I’m always panicking about the time left in my life. Truthfully I always have been, since I had way more jellybeans than I have now. I keep telling myself that it really doesn’t matter how many days there are left if I savor every one of them.

Jellybeans are pretty great. So is Zefrank.