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Seems easier said than done. How does one take that leap? Where does the money come from to exist while you are doing what you dream of doing? I don’t have the answers. I struggle with this every day. Am I doing the right thing? Will it support me? Am I making the bottom line? Am I wasting my time? Is there something else I should be doing? Is there something else I want to be doing? For the first time in my life..no. There isn’t anything else I want to be doing. Variations, tweaks, sure..but ultimately..this is what I want to be doing right now. And that’s a nice thing to feel. I just hope I don’t go broke doing it.

Seems I’m obsessed with this campaign. I love this documentary on the making of the project. And maybe I have a little crush on that beekeeper sweet man.

More Dewars

Funny. It was just yesterday I noticed the bottle of Dewars Honey on the shelf. Today I find this very creative ad for it. A honeycomb in the shape of their bottle created to promote this new product. I love the combination of nature and mans manipulation of nature to create a product that is of and from the fruits of this earth, but only possible through the human hand, mind. I think they did a great job of creating a visual of the creation of the product that is engaging on a primal level. Pretty great. Well done Dewars.


Spotted all of this on Weburbanist.

From Nigeria.

Temi Dollface