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Goodbye Frank. I’ll miss your smiling face, your positivity, and that unsquashable pride and love of your family.

WHAT?!  There is another Halle? And she’s a wirehaired version of the German Pointers..? Weird. Very cute. Someone please rescue her. I can’t have two Halle’s. Halle wouldn’t approve.

Well…I finally watched it. The Cove. I know it’s real easy to get preachy and insist you need to watch this movie if you have any sort of heart..but it took me awhile. Maybe it will take you awhile too, but really, it’s worth the anguish you are going to feel. I think it’s just good to know what’s going on, and try and help if you can. At the very least, recognize that we have a real issue that we’ll be faced with, probably in our lifetimes, which is that we are running out of fish. Be smart about which ones you chose to eat. And..I suppose there are probably humane dolphin shows and aquariums that treat their dolphins well, and are a fine example of dolphin education and awareness, but even better would be to just watch them in the wild from the shoreline as they skate through the waters, letting them continue to live freely.

These three videos are oldies..but soo..sooo good. Relive with me for a moment.

Holy shit, right? Johnny owned this NIN song for life now. A picture of a perfect collaboration.

Love this…mostly.

That is Janet Jackson. This video is so great…


This is quite helpful.

By Winefolly.com

Wine pairing cheat sheet

If this doesn’t make you cry, or at least tear up a little, I don’t know if we can be friends.

Vodaphone ad by Grey London working with director Frédéric Planchon

I struggle with their new formatting, but Cowbird is truly a great repository of some of the purest, rawest story telling on the web that I’ve come across so far. I love this story, with or without peaches, but the peaches certainly help. You have to be a member to receive daily stories, or to post your own, but here is a link to read this one. If you are into stories, and sometimes good photos (but usually not) this website is a treat. Maybe someday they will change the format back to the way  it was and it will be even better.


A great big hamster wheel. That’s what I feel like life is at the moment…just a big wheel that you work real hard to turn and the stuff you thought you dropped through the wires comes back over and drops on your head. And all the work you did to turn that wheel..was just to turn the wheel..it wasn’t really to get you anywhere outside of where you already are. Sigh.

Thoughts tonight.

Just watched this and I have a temporary posthumous crush…this happens, crushes on dead guys I didn’t even know existed before I watched a movie about them. (See Ayrton Senna post) I’m slow on the take when it comes to music..but I had no idea all these songs were written by this guy. A tragic life..beautiful songs.

Here is lovely one..