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Forgive the double post..for those 2 that follow Facebook and this rarely updated musings location. This is a pretty great monologue on friendship by a new favorite of mine Ze Frank.
So, thank you, my friends, for being my friend.  And those that are not yet friends but will be one day, I look forward to that. And those that “have faded from the corners of my eye”, thank you, for being my friend once.



makes me think of


Which makes me still inside.


Movement becomes stillness.

NYC – 2012

How to live to be 100

Empire State Building 2012

I’m afraid I have let my new addiction to Breaking Bad interfere with my blog posting responsibilities….but it’s SOO GOOD.
But so is this. Enjoy.

Love this shot. Thanks Tane Clark.

Swiss Colony by Tane

Not enamored with the music..but it’s a nice short watch.

Lots of new stuff to post..just been a bit behind. More coming..


The Birth of a Barrel from Travis Robertson on Vimeo.

Jack Daniels promo vid