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From Change the Thought:

“The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art has organized a major traveling exhibition of new work by contemporary Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto. The exhibition will premiere in Charleston May 24-July 7, 2012, as a featured presentation of the Spoleto Festival USA. Return to the Sea: Saltworks by Motoi Yamamoto will travel nationally after its inaugural presentation, including stops in Los Angeles, CA, Charlotte, NC, and Monterey, CA. The centerpiece of the exhibition will be a site-specific installation created entirely out of salt by the artist during his two-week residency at the Halsey Institute.”

Really lovely work. I’m moved by this. Would love to see in person.

Um. Wow. Saw this on Swiss Miss yesterday morning. and  Huh Magazine. Installation work by artist Daniel Firman. What? How? I really want to see this. Elephants seem to be following me.

Elephant balance

We have found a new love. Twilight hiking. Works out well when I can’t seem to leave the studio at a normal time. The trails are empty, the sky goes from blue to gray blue to a deep dark wash, the clouds light up with the setting suns last rays of the day, the moon starts to show, the deer silently watch us pass by, the mountain bikers are gone, the trail runners too, and it’s just us..with the sounds of the night amplifing.


Twilight Hiking

No idea what the scoop is..but it’s a pretty great illustration. By Silence Television.

Lovely car illustration

Good lord.

I’m simultaneously revolted and mesmerized by this commercial. OMG they are ruining everything, but it looks so AMAZING. By Saatchi & Saatchi.

Art above Grammar. Brooklyn 2012

I’s going around the internet. But it’s going around..because it’s SO GOOD.  They are right. He is great. And so is everyone else that tries, even just a little bit.