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Halle has done nearly the same..on a yard sculpture. Love the big back steps and the leg up in the air and then the immediate return to ball. BTW..apparently this is 2 min cut down from the 6 min she stalked.


Zeng Fanzhi: Beneath and Beyond on Nowness.com.

The music on this piece is a little strange, but this artists interview is really good. And his work is pretty awesome. Not usually my style, but there are a couple pieces that I think are stunning. Enjoy.

Zeng Fanzhi

Did some alley walkin’ today. Found some gems.

Alley walkin

Had to rest on this bed. Even though it was plugging the hole in the floor/ceiling that we made.

*Photo by the illustrious Ross Evertson

Just give me a corner.

From Linxspiration.

From my motorporn site.. BikeEXIF.

Gorgeous Honda CB360



These are amazing.

Lisa Nilsson.

Lisa Nilsson

Yep. It’s long. Yep. I watched every second. I loved this.

Someone who loves his job.

Sorry anyone that encountered the nasty on my site. All clear now. The bug has been removed.

The nasty is gone.