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I like wind. One of the many, many things about me that don’t make any sort of sense what so ever. But I do. I love the wind on my skin. I love listening to the wind. I love watching the wind rip pieces of peoples roofs off. I love chasing down that paper I dropped. It has so much life and energy to it. Love it. I realize I’m alone. Even my dog hates it.

Check out this crazy real time map of the winds. Awesome.

Wind Map.

Wind is awesome.

Worlds richest graffiti artist (besides Banksy maybe) hits up Denver. Tia and I go check it out. Unanimously we decide it’s pretty awesome. Another photo after the jump.

David Choe in Denver

My neice and I watched the Denver St. Paddy’s day parade last weekend. This shot above is the best shot of the day. And it’s hers. She rocks. More photos of the parade that I shot below..

St. Paddy’s Day Parade

Hard to believe, but Halle is 11 years old today, 77 in dog years right? You would never know it but for the gray hairs. Girl has got some spunk. Happy Birthday Halle the Monkey.

*Here she is mucking up the white rug with her bloody bone. Dead squirrel watches in terror.

Happy Birthday Halle

Hitler on Sante Fe

Cinco Chihuahuas from Maurag on Vimeo.

A boisterous bunch

Pigalle – Goutte d’Or from Paul Geusebroek on Vimeo.

Ah! So good!


Found this in my alley.

I bet Naomi is pissed

Always good to remember, it’s doesn’t just come from comes from working hard to make it happen.

Nike ad


More of her work.

Amy Timms