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Saw this documentary over the weekend. Pretty great. Pretty heartbreaking too. I’m always inspired by people who are passionately devoted to their craft, whatever it may be. He lived it, and loved it and brought hope to a lot of people who would never have the opportunities he did. I think my most resounding takeaway from this movie though was to trust your gut. Trust yourself. Trust your higher being if you have that belief. Just trust those things you can’t explain logically. Anyway, Senna, a really great story of the truly accomplished Formula One driver Ayrton Senna.




This guys work is crazy. Amazing.

Tokyo Good Idea

Takanori Aiba

Oh yes. Racing in the Baja 1000..a 1970 Grabber Olds 442. More here.


I just learned how to use a brush again. Seemed appropriate.


Happy Valentines Day

I’ve been known to hole up and do nothing but work for months on end. It’s easy to do when you are running two business’. But I’ve been trying hard to remember, and practice, balance. The art shows are an easy for me. But this year I’ve already managed to go to two sporting events and read two books. Granted, I was given the tickets I was thinking about work the entire time, but you have to start somewhere right?

Thank you Halle, for modeling for this fantastic product shot. (and no..I don’t recommend either book. GREAT covers though right?!)

Just got back from an opening at BlackBook Gallery.  Was a collection of original paintings by Lindsay St. Antoine and some collaborative pieces from her and her partner Ravi Zupa who I’ve admired for as long as I’ve seen his work. The show is called Nothing Teaches Needs. From the first show at Indy Ink 2 or 3 years ago I’ve been a fan of Ravi’s. He’s incredible. Was interesting to see he and his loves collaborative pieces. Good stuff. Go check it out while you can.

Here are some more pieces by Ravi that should blow you away. They do me.

His site: Parts And Labor Union


Ravi Zupa & Lindsay St. Antoine

I’m sure it’s all over the internet, but I just saw it..thanks to my brother. And Wooster.

Pavel Puhov’s Eyeglasses

Here is who I really went to see at that show that I stumbled on Jenny Morgan at..the infamous Corvo Bros. I only know half and I don’t know if I’m supposed to give away the secret of who he really is (shh…he’s not really a Corvo Bro..maybe he was adopted or something, but he’s not really a Corvo) but I will say, he’s one of the most talented filmmakers, photographers and all around nice guys that I know. Go check it out if you get a chance, it’s currently at the Center for Visual Art.

Corvo Bros

Corvo Bros

Went to a show last week on a snowy night in support of a friends opening. (I’ll post his stuff next) Kinda fell in love with an artist I didn’t know before that night. Jenny Morgan. Pretty awesome. These are iPhone photos I took while people were giving me the suspicious eye so they aren’t very good, probably shaky from my nervous photo spying. Go check her site out to see some photos that weren’t taken with a guilty conscience.

Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan

Field Notes: Red Blooded from Coudal Partners on Vimeo.

YES, it is an ad. Yes it is still awesome.