November, 2011 Archives

Took this shot in my neighborhood last spring so it’s an oldie..but it sums up my day today. Lots of family birthdays in November. I love this bold gesture by a grandchild wielding a red marker.

Birthday Day

This is progress. It might look like some pieces of paper on the wall. Silly scraps of bluehighlighted crooked cut scraps. But this..this is progress. Chip, you will probably be an international super star by the time we get this released, but yeah, we’re working on it. Patience.


Went on a trip to a magical place called Paonia, Colorado a month or so ago. Peach farms, vineyards and winerys, goats and horses, teepees, yardsales and smiling faces, gardens and little girls with chickens. It was really hard to come home. Felt like I was leaving home to come back to the city where my stuff was.


Paonia, Colorado